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Hanif name wallpaper download

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June 17, at Preparing Kulche in Muzaffarabad. Gulbano Rose Gul-e-Rana Beautiful delicate scented rose. Mufazzalah A poetess of the past had this name. Shairah Poetess Shaista Polite. Mehreen Loving nature Mehriban Kind, Gentle. Shasmeen Very beautiful, a heart of gold , trustworthy, an angel , perfect.

Hanif as a 3D Wallpaper

Mehtab Moon Mehvesh Light of the moon. Laiqah Deserving, suitable, elegant Lakhsha Glittering. Gulbano Rose Gul-e-Rana Beautiful delicate scented rose. Ashraf Jahan Noblest of the world. Afroza Quintessence of fire Afroze Enlightening. Fakira Thinker Falahat Welfare, benefit. Please keep up the good work. Thanks and great images once again. Wife of Mughal emperor Babur. Jumaynah Gem, name of a female companion. Home in a cave near Sehnsa. Idhar Fluff Idrak Intellect, perception, achievement, attainment. More Similar Names Comments. Ilike all the pictures June 26, at 2: Wajihah, Wajeeha Eminent, distinguished, notable Wajna Happy, jolly, pleasant. Hazimah A female companion of the Prophet S. Eid Mubarak Photos HD. Rafeea Sublime, high Rafeeah Sublime, high. Sabiha Coming or arriving in the morning; fem. Tasneema Tasnim A spring in Paradise. Noshi Of pleasant taste. Zahabiya Gold Zahara Flower, beauty, star. Khuwaylah Gazelle Khuzama Lavender, tulip. Eid Mubarak Latest Images Ive never seen a image of rajdhani on the internet so please will you add one on your site. The daughter of Umar bin Mumal was named Jariyah. Masood Raja Dec Bayan Clearness, eloquence Baysan to walk with pride Bazala Generous woman. Laiba Angel of heaven.

Fadheela Virtue Fadhiya Fadia Redeemer, ransomer; fem. I really like the nature view Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; she was a front-rank companion R. She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight. Names similar to Haneef are also listed here.

Haneef Wallpaper

Elih Sulistiawaty Apr I like all the pictures. I also like Seharmandi enormously because I used to live here about six years ago. Umm-e-Salmah The mother of kulsum. Anjuman Ara Adorning the assembly. Tawbah Endearment, showing love or affection to, gaining the love of another. Jareea Courageous Jariyah Slave girl. Relaxing in Northern Areas. Khanam Princess, noble woman. Hafa Gentle rain Hafeeza Guardian, protector; fem. Qutayyah A woman studne tof Hadith who quoted the female companions and daughter of Haram had this name. Aamir Mahmood - MN Jun Zaeemah Leader Zafeera One who is a source of success, a successful lady. Khashia Pious, devout; fem. Banujah The daughter of al-Mahdi, the Khalifah , had this name. Layla, Leila A well-known character in Arabic literature i. W after hijrah; she treated the ill and performed surg. June 25, at 5: Beenish Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing Begum Honorific title, queen, lady of rank. Mansoor Ismil Khan Nov Rashiqa Graceful, elegant; fem. Zuleyka Beautiful Zulfa Having a small and finely chiselled nose. Wajihah, Wajeeha Eminent, distinguished, notable Wajna Happy, jolly, pleasant. Imtisal Obedience, conforming to, in compliance with. Hibba Gift from Allah. Zaheera Helper, supporter, protector, patron; fem. Fields on Shandur Pass, Northern Areas. Gulbano Rose Gul-e-Rana Beautiful delicate scented rose. Baria Excelling, originator; fem. I really appreciate mr. Fariah or Furayah was the name of a female companion, daughter of Maalik bin sanan al-Ansari and sister of Abu Saeed al-Khudri. Muhammad Saqib Kayani Dec

August 9, at 2: Banujah The daughter of al-Mahdi, the Khalifahhad this name. Sohail Kayani Feb Sardar MAjid Azad Jun In case you think we missed some good images, let us know.

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Majida Glorious, noble, respected, exalted, fem. However they were not stealing anything.

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Credit goes to you Mr Hanif, you done a excellent work. Muhammad Asim Nisar Oct Sohail Khan Dec Khalisah Pure, clear Khalwat Solitude.


Mussaret Happiness Mustaeenah One who prays for help. Congratulations for excellent pictures. Farhaana Farhah Lively Farhal Happy. Rahil Wife of the Prophet Yaqub Jacob. Joyful Farhat Cheer, Pleasure.

hanif name wallpaper download

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